Tools and resources to help founders raise venture capital and manage relationships w/ investors.



Moving founders forward

Founded in 2014, Visible was launched by a group of founders and operators that had been struggling with the vexing (but all too common) problem of startups providing engaging updates to their investors.

Visible believes good communication makes companies grow.

What We Value

Inside out By taking care of ourselves first, we can better care for our team, customers, and stakeholders.

Do the difficult Doing hard things is where value is created. We make decisions with a long-term outlook in favor of short-term gains.

Bias for action We have ownership over our work. When in doubt, we take action. Failure is ok and it's even better when we turn it into insights.

How we work

We’re a remote-first company. We believe people should be able to work wherever they get their best work done. Our team is currently spread across eight cities and two continents. We communicate often and use all the tools you might expect a remote company to use to stay connected. We meet twice per year in different locations around the world. Our most recent offsites have been in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Lisbon. Some of us work from home, some from co-working spaces, and some, a mix of both.


💵 Equity Company success means team success. All employees get a stake in Visible’s future.

⚕️Health We provide multiple healthcare options for all of our employees.

✈️ Remote Work from anywhere you’re comfortable and productive.

📖 Time We all need a break sometimes. Visible employees get unlimited PTO.

💻 Tech We provide the tools you need to get your job done.

🏢 Space If you’d like to work in a coworking space or upgrade your home office, we’re happy to help.

Is this your company?

Our mission is to allow remote software companies quickly build the team they need to drive their business forward. While candidates can enjoy a good application process. You can soon claim this company and start creating a community around your business, right here.