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Add blog posts to your React site using the Hashnode API, Typescript and GraphQL


If you are like me and like blogging from time to time it's nice to be able to fetch your posts and add them to your own personal site without the hassle of finding a headless CMS or hosting your own solution. Hashnode provides the perfect balance be...

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Helping developers find remote jobs since 2019


TLDR I just launched a website where I have collected resources for developers to look for remote jobs. There are over 200 companies that work remotely and hire engineers, and then there are some other resources like job boards and online communities...

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Publish/Update NPM packages with GitHub Actions


Ever had an NPM package that never get's updated even though you make changes from time to time. I do! which I talked about in a previous post: cross-platform-react-native-scroll-picker-component. It's time to make my life just slightly easier and au...

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React Native: Getting user device timezone and converting UTC time-stamps using the offset.


Recently I was tasked to convert all backend generated timestamps from the default UTC to our users device timezone. This is my process of how I encountered some issues along the way and how I solved my ticket. Flowchart This is the flow I implemente...

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Tutorial: Write a re-useable React Native component and test it with Jest.


All code can be found here Github Repo I use that repo as well for other tutorials so if you like my style of rambling writing it can be worth looking at. Note: I'm not an expert, and there are many ways to do UI component testing. Cycle 1 Picture ...

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React functional components: const vs. function


I have been performance optimizing our app recently and as such, I have been getting into the nitty gritty of Javascript. One of the things I thought about is if there's any real difference between declaring a component like this: const MyComponent ...